Get Into The Christmas Spirit With A School Christmas Playlist!

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We MUST keep music alive in schools for all the joy it brings. Sing when we can, dance when we can – but when these aren’t an option, even just listening brings huge benefits. At Out of the Ark Music we think one of the best ways to get into the Christmas spirit is with Christmas music! With everyone in their separate bubbles, creating a Christmas playlist to use in every classroom around the school is a great way to keep the spirit of whole-school togetherness alive. 

If you have previously purchased any Christmas eSongbooks from us, or you have purchased Universal Access, then you’ll already have plenty of songs to choose from. If you don’t have any of our Christmas songs yet, then don’t worry! We’ve made some song suggestions below to get you started and with Words On Screen™ you’ll have instant access to the songs after your purchase.

Making a playlist using Words On Screen™ is really easy! We’ve created a two-minute How-to’ video to show you how to make your own:

Here are some of our song suggestions for a Christmas playlist. We’d love to hear what your favourites are! Let us know in the comments.
  1. Christmas Has Started – Songs For EVERY Christmas
    This rocky number is full of bounce and energy, conveying all the excitement of traditional Christmas festivities.
  2. Where Shall We Go This Christmas? – S!ng Christmas
    How does Christmas sound in different countries around the world? Let's travel to Jamaica, Spain, Kenya and Russia to find out! 
  3. O Come All Ye Faithful – Out of the Ark ESSENTIALS: Christmas Carols
    A traditional favourite.
  4. Midnight – Songs For EVERY Christmas
    This song is guaranteed to get everyone’s toes tapping and fingers clicking! 
  5. Christmas Conga – My World: It's Christmas!
    This song includes a variety of Christmas characters, so why not have fun making the appropriate masks or hats for each character?
  6. Rock Around The Shops – Songs For EVERY Christmas
    A full-on, rock-n-roll style song, sure to liven up any party!
  7. No Room At The Inn – Songs For EVERY Christmas
    This swing-style song brings the traditional story right up to date with contemporary language.
  8. The Reindeer Dance My World: It's Christmas!
    This song starts with some great jingle bells and is perfect for adding actions to.
  9. Mince Pies – S!ng Christmas
    A mince pie recipe set to a great, catchy tune – what could be more Christmassy? 
  10. Merry Christmas Everyone – A Cracking Christmas
    ‘It’s time for party hats and good cheer, merry Christmas everyone!’

Written by Out of the Ark Publishing and Marketing Teams

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USED IT? LOG IT! Most schools have a CWCL licence from Christian Copyright Licensing Limited (CCLI) – more information can be found here. This licence grants permission to display song lyrics and music from Out of the Ark Music’s Words on Screen™ Singchronize™ Player and CD ROMs, on any projection screen as well as download and share lyrics and music. Whenever you use our songs, please make note of your usage and then log your songs on your CCLI copy report, so that songwriters and copyright holders are paid for their work.

Out of the Ark Music has been providing schools across the country – and world – with wonderful primary-school songs and musicals for nearly 30 years. Our Christmas musicals and nativity plays make children sparkle and shine, year after year, as they proudly perform their school Christmas play. Our extensive collection of fun and joyous school assembly songs, harvest songs, Easter songs, leavers' songs and even space songs, fills schools with laughter and gives students and teachers alike a reason to sing every day of the week. We’re glad you’re supporting us in our dreams of creating the best music for schools around the globe. Read more about us here.

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