Leeds Music Education Hub Singing Support Pack

Developing YOUR School's Singing Strategy

Schools in Leeds are regularly using singing to enhance their pupils’ learning in music and in the wider curriculum. The Leeds Primary Schools' Singing Support Pack (which is still available to EVERY primary and special school in Leeds) gave you 6 songs to help with this. If you haven't accessed your eSongbook or the online resources then get in touch with the Hub - It's not too late!

This year, Leeds Music Education Partnership want you to choose THREE new songs - completely FREE - and take your singing to the next level.

With so many different directions to develop singing in your school, Leeds Music Education Partnership have provided a whole host of ideas and suggestions to help you improve your schools singing strategy. From how to develop the characterization and expression children use when singing, or how to make the words sound clearer, or attempting to get children to sing parts. You can access their ideas here, and download your songs from this page.


1. Choose Your Free Words on Screen Songs

  • Click on any of the song links below and add each song you want to your basket – you can add as many songs as you like but only THREE songs will be paid for by Leeds Music Education Partnership using the discount code you have been sent so you will need to purchase any additional songs added to your basket for £3.96 each.
  • Go to MY BASKET and type in the discount code – which you will have been sent by Leeds Music Education Partnership into the DISCOUNT CODE box and click 'APPLY' to activate the code. The discount code can only be used once per school to provide you with the three free songs, and you will only be charged for any additional songs you add to your basket. For any additional songs, you can either pay by card or request an invoice during the checkout process if you are a UK Primary School (subject to a £10.00 minimum order).
  • Click PROCEED TO CHECKOUT to complete the process – Either log in to your existing Out of the Ark Music online account if you have one, or simply type in your name, organisation type, school email and password (required to log in and access the songs) to set up a new account. Please only use one account for your school, you do not need multiple accounts.



The Golden Rule
by Paul Field

This is an upbeat song championing the fact that, through all our differences, we should stop and think before judging others and we should treat others as we’d like them to treat us. With optional harmonies. Age 5+



Newspaper Pictures
from Songs For Every Day
by Mark and Helen Johnson

This is a haunting and beautiful song dealing with the issues of famine, war, homelessness and natural disaster. It’s a great opportunity for your children to reflect on such real-world issues, and consider how to communicate this through the character of their singing. Age 7+


from Sing™ Warm-ups
by Mary Green and Julie Stanley

What better way to warm up than with a yodel or two? Hugely fun and exciting to sing, a very impressive sound will be achieved when the parts come together. Age 7+


Doozle Dazzle
from Sing™ Something Silly
by Paul Field

This song’s a load of nonsense, it doesn’t mean a thing, it’s full of silly, made-up words and lots of fun to sing’! Written purely for fun, this song includes scope for adding your own nonsense lyrics. Age 5+


Sing A Round
from Songs For Every Singing School
by Mark and Helen Johnson

This one simply does what it says in the title! The lyrics in this fun song are all about the process and musical elements of round-singing. Each new part is sung twice, to give scope for solo/group work, before the song is sung as a round. Age 7 +


Music Matters
from My World: I Love Music
by Mark and Helen Johnson

A great message to promote to your children and your audience, and the way the chorus ends up sitting on top of the verse at the end of the song creates a beautiful but simple harmony. (Part singing, harmonies). Age 5 +


It's Good To Be Me!
from Songs For Happy, Healthy School
by Mark and Helen Johnson

A feel-good, fun and contagious song in a soft-rock style, that is an invaluable teaching tool and a firm favourite. It tackles crucial issues of self-acceptance and avoiding comparisons. The song concludes with the verse and chorus sung at the same time: 'It’s great to be different but together!' Age 5+


from Sing™ Warm-ups 
by Paul Field

An ideal introduction to harmony-singing and making sure that everyone is listening not just to themselves, but to the other parts too. Age 5+


Life Is Just Like A Song
from Sing™ Together 
by Antony Copus

With part-singing in the verses, chorus harmonies and clever lyrics, this song has just about everything you need to promote harmony in your singing and in your friendships! Age 7+


2. Listen And Use Your Songs

  • You need to be logged in to your Out of the Ark Music online account (click MY ACCOUNT top right)
  • Once logged in, you will arrive at your account DASHBOARD. The top left box in your account area is called My Words on Screen™ Online. This is where you can find all your Words on Screen™ songs which you have received with your discount code. You will also have Every Brand New Day, a free song that comes with the one Words on Screen™ Player. (If you already have an account you will also see any other songs you have previously purchased.) 
  • Either stream your songs over the internet directly from your account by clicking on STREAM ONLINE or install the Words on Screen™ Player to download the resources to your computer (click DOWNLOAD PLAYER). This option is ideal if you have limited access to the internet.


What should I do if my school server won't allow me to download my songs?
A few schools find that their server blocks them from downloading the Words on Screen™ Player and accessing the songs. If this happens click on 'Trouble Logging In?' on your player and follow a few simple steps to allow you to access your songs.

Can I play my songs without internet access?
Once you have logged onto your account (using your email and password) and downloaded your Words on Screen™ Player to access your songs, you can transport your laptop anywhere you choose. The songs will still play without internet access providing that you don't log out of your account. If you log out, you will require internet access to log back in.

If you are having any technical problems, please call our Words on Screen™ support team on 020 8481 7202.

Sung it? Log it!
Most schools have a CWCL licence from the Christian Copyright Licensing Limited - www.ccli.com/schools. This licence grants permission to display song lyrics and music from Out of the Ark Musics' Words on Screen™ Player and CD ROMs, on any projection screen as well as download and share lyrics and music. Whenever you use our songs, please make a note of your usage and then log your songs on your CCLI copy report, so that song writers and copyright holders are paid for their work.