Singing is an essential part of childhood and school life.

Singing is part of who we are.

With the warmer weather and longer, lighter days ahead of us, we want to inspire and enable you to sing this summer, to harness the undoubtable benefits singing brings.

As such, Out of the Ark, Sing Up, the Voices Foundation and Young Voices have joined together to support you over the summer months. Below we have provided you with easy access to FREE songs, Makaton and BSL signing videos, blog articles, activity PDFs and our handy Musical Finder to help you with your Summer of Singing!

Why Sing?

Pupils’ mental health and wellbeing may have suffered during lockdown and will need addressing for them to be ready to learn.

There is a wealth of research that proves the benefits of singing to our health and wellbeing. These can be categorized into four main areas – psychological, social, physiological and behavioural.


Just Sing!

Just Sing! is quirky, creative and captures the heart of Out of the Ark Music. Don't you worry if it's heard or not, keep on singing, give it all you've got, just sing!

Challenge yourself to write some new lines to the song and share your love of singing with family and friends.

CCLI No. 5079643

I Have A Song To Sing

As songs go, they don't come much shorter or simpler than this but, my goodness, it packs a punch! It's a song of unity and coming together, building momentum along the way. Sincere, uplifting and great for remembering that there's hope in our song.

CCLI No. 5079674

The Bonkers Song

A totally bonkers song that will challenge, entertain and delight. Grab your mum, dad, brothers and sisters and try singing all the different parts together!

CCLI No. 7016037

15 Reasons For Singing – A guest blog by John Dabell

COVID might mean that we can’t let rip like we used to in assemblies, music lessons and drama sessions, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop – we can sing anywhere! Children have plenty to gain from singing and should aim to make it one of their five a day – there are lots of reasons why it will boost their general wellbeing and make them feel good.

Psychological / Emotional

Singing is a mindful activity, distracting our minds from negative thoughts by focussing on breathing and the sound, the action, the feeling and pleasure of song.

Singing helps to reduce anxiety and boost wellbeing and is a highly significant force in helping us develop a positive and happy mindset. It’s the ultimate mood-lifter, a helpful way to express and work through difficult emotions.


The Tadpole Song

Meet Tod, the very anxious tadpole in a song-story that follows his nervous journey and celebrates his remarkable transformation.

This song is crying out for some actions to go with it. Can you make up some of your own? What actions might you use for a happy, happy frog at the end of the song?

CCLI No. 7119885

I’m OK!

Promoting self-worth, self-respect and a healthy sense of personal value, this happy-go-lucky song makes no apology for being ourselves.

CCLI No. 4277893

This Is Me!

Full of wonder and whimsy, this song reflects on the multifaceted nature of 'self' and celebrates how each one of us is different.

CCLI No. 7055936

Our Wellbeing Playlist – A blog by Leigh Barnett

Every teacher knows the importance of ensuring the safety and wellbeing of their pupils. In fact, with the challenges that the coronavirus has brought over the last 12 months, for most schools, it is one of their highest priorities. Here at Out of the Ark we have always believed in the power of music to make a difference and enhance wellbeing.


Singing involves every child and so brings everyone together. It has the power to break down barriers because it naturally invites participation and interaction.

Singing is completely universal. It crosses all boundaries: age; gender; faith; nationality; race; and any more you can think of. It’s available to EVERYONE.

What better way to get everyone singing together than staging a musical? Musicals are an opportunity for children to learn valuable life lessons about working in a team and can be a great opportunity to come together and have fun!



A fun song that captures the value and fun of doing things as one!

CCLI No. 2644253

As One

A song for building unity, trust and teamwork, while exploring conflict and resolution. A pertinent theme for today's world.

CCLI No. 4277879

Join The Song

An action-packed, challenge-filled song, sure to bring lots of giggles and fun as you sing and try to complete all the challenges set.

CCLI No. 6634362

We've put together a handy Musical Finder to help you find the perfect musical for your circumstances. We've got plenty to choose from!


Singing can create routine and structure, helping children feel safe and secure, easing anxiety. A good song or piece of music can really assist in establishing routines – the perfect cue to tidy up, line up, wash hands, eat lunch – or as a signal to transition, to build energy and focus, or to calm things down!

Hello, Hello

A catchy little song that’s great to say ‘hello’ at the start of the day.

With thanks to our friends at Singing Hands

CCLI No. 4372774


Round off the school day with this cheerful song! We have had fun today, Now we must be on our way.

With thanks to our friends at Singing Hands

CCLI No. 6421025

Establishing Routines – A blog by Leigh Barnett

Here at Out of the Ark we strongly believe singing is not just for the school hall or music lesson (though it’s great in these places too of course)! We are passionate about the power of singing, and embedding songs throughout the curriculum and in every classroom in the school.


Singing strengthens the immune system. Studies have found that, immediately after singing, singers have higher levels of the protein immunoglobulin A, an antibody known to benefit the immune system. Singing also improves breathing and overall cardiovascular health.

Singing is an aerobic activity that boosts oxygenation in the bloodstream, increasing mental alertness. It encourages deep breathing and gets more oxygen to the brain, and gives us that feel-good and refreshed, ‘alive’ sensation.

Wake Up!

This is an iconic song that has been sung at the beginning of many a school day up and down the country and around the world. It's the perfect, lively start for a new week and a new term!

CCLI No. 2651105

Start The Day With Exercise

There's bags of scope with this song for a high-energy workout to start your week. Get singing and moving, and have fun!

CCLI No. 7125725

15 Reasons Why Singing Is Important For Child Development – A guest blog by John Dabell

Singing is a foundational musical skill, one of the most natural ways for children to engage in making music and central to the development of musicianship. It can make children’s brains light up like a Christmas tree and it’s something they should be doing every day of the week because it’s good for their development on so many levels.

Sing For Recovery

The great news is that your favourite Out of the Ark songs (as well as many you have yet to discover) can be used to support your music and whole-school curriculums, whether you are singing in your school or not.

Take a look at our recovery curriculum for some simple, effective ways in which music can help you quickly re-establish routines, restore relationships and social interaction, rebuild confidence and community, and rekindle a love of learning in your classroom.

Musicals are another great opportunity for recovery, through which children will learn valuable life lessons about dealing with nerves, working in a team and standing up in front of an audience – essential skills for now and for later life. Staging a musical this year could be a wonderful time to come together and have some fun!

We’ve put together a handy Musical Finder to help you find the perfect musical for your circumstances. We’ve got plenty to choose from!