Open Workshops

If you can’t find an available workshop near you, why not get in touch and let us know, we might be able to set one up in your area. Email:

Workshop 1

This workshop will show you how to use singing as the basis for delivering the National Curriculum for Music and get more than you ever thought possible from your favourite songs. We will help you think outside the box and spark creativity and imagination in and out of the classroom. You will leave feeling confident teaching using and ‘unpacking songs and able to relate a song to the curriculum, both music and general; along with a comprehensive list of song resources and the expertise to apply them flexibly to support learning. See more details about this workshop.

Workshop 2

Grounded in solid research, this workshop is aimed at every teacher in every school. You will learn how to use music to support curriculum areas from phonics and literacy to numeracy; promote well-being and team spirit through whole-school singing, and influence mood/attention in the classroom. See more details about this workshop.


Workshop 3

Whether on a sports field or stage, a theatre or the concert hall, footballers, tennis stars, actors and musicians all understand the vital importance of warming up to achieve top performance. The muscles and soft tissues that are involved in singing are delicate but, with a properly-organised and focused warm-up that treats them with a little bit of TLC, they are capable of achieving amazing things! This workshop will show you some essential easy-to-use techniques that will develop and protect young voices and get you and your kids singing better and for longer. See more details about this workshop.


Workshop 4

There is much research available to show that music and speech share many of the same processing systems, and that active engagement with music aids the brain’s early encoding of linguistic sounds. Phonemic awareness, speech processing, reading comprehension, recall of verbal information – all have been shown to benefit from musical training. This workshop is an essential guide to using music and singing to develop phonics and literacy when teaching children aged 3–7. See more details about this workshop.


Workshop 5

There is strong evidence to show the positive impact that active engagement with music can have on spatial reasoning. There also seems to be a strong relation between visuospatial reasoning and mathematical abilities. Research carried out by Out of the Ark Music (A Singing School Is A Successful School – 2017) showed a statistically significant difference in the percentage of correct mathematical responses following the implementation of the programme. See more details about this workshop.

Workshop 6

The value of music in a SEND setting is well established. This workshop will energise your use of music to support work in the SEND classroom and help promote inclusion for SEND pupils in a mainstream class. Central to this training is the belief that you do not have to be a musician to teach music - you just need to be passionate about your students having a great time in their learning. See more details about this workshop.


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