Top Ten Spring & Easter Songbooks

There is so much to sing about during the spring term and our Easter primary school assembly songs will make your assemblies inspiring and your classroom singing enjoyable. Click through to our songbooks and listen to songs to find the most suitable spring or Easter songbook for your needs.

1. A Spring Thing

A Spring Thing

By Leading Children's Writers

This collection of 30 songs is a perfect addition to your songbook collection. Covering every springtime and Easter theme you could possibly need for this time of year. For ages 5-11.

2. My World: Minibeasts

My World: Minibeasts

By Leading Children's Writers

The spring term wouldn’t be the same without exploring the outside world and discovering all those creepy crawlies, spiders, slugs and of course the caterpillar! Explore, sing and learn! For ages 4-7.

3. Songs For Every Easter

Songs For Every Easter

By Mark and Helen Johnson

This Easter classic includes 15 songs for Easter assemblies and services, as well as exploring the broader themes of springtime and new life. For ages 5-11.


4. Spring Assembly Songs

Spring Assembly Songs

By Mark And Helen Johnson

Bursting with fresh songs to take you through the spring term and Easter. This brand-new songbook includes music activities, assembly plans and cross-curricular arts ideas to accompany the songs. There's even some fun craft and signing videos included. For ages 5-11.

5. Essential Easter Hymns

Essential Easter Hymns

By Various Writers

An essential collection of Easter hymns ideal for worship services, Easter productions or assemblies. This collection mixes contemporary songs and classic hymns all with an Easter theme. For ages 5-11.

6. The Niki Davies Book Of Songs For Spring And Summer

The Niki Davies Book Of Songs For Spring And Summer

By Niki Davies

These songs are perfectly pitched to younger voices and will put a spring in your toes. Themes include the Easter Bunny, Mother's Day, Pancake Day and April showers. For ages 3-7. 

7. Sunday's Cool - Hosanna!

Sunday's Cool - Hosanna!

By Mark and Helen Johnson

This songbook is geared towards church schools and is ideal for any Easter service. Perfect for contemplation and celebration at Easter time. For ages 5-12.

8. My World: Easter

My World: Easter

By Leading Children's Writers

Twelve brand-new songs linked to spring themes, from Palm Sunday, the Easter story, to Mother's Day and pancakes. New life, new life, everywhere around me... For ages 3-7.

9. Sing™ Easter

Sing™ Easter

By Leading Children's Writers

Spring is in the air with this Easter collection, bursting with songs about chocolate and new life. With 16 songs and 3 vocal warm-ups, this irresistible collection not only sets you up for great healthy singing, but provides loads of opportunities for rounds, harmonies and part-singing. It's got the lot! For ages 5-11.

10. The Niki Davies Calendar Of Songs

The Niki Davies Calendar Of Songs

By Niki Davies

A wonderful collection of songs for younger voices to take you through the school year. Burst into song and sing on Valentine's Day, Shrove Tuesday, April Fools' Day, World Poetry Day and Mother's Day. For ages 3-7.