The 12 Yays Of Christmas

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Some of us have secretly been wearing Christmas socks since June (guilty!) and others will be blocking out all adverts, merchandise and music with any festive relevance until the last week of the school term! Either way, we’re on the home stretch and things are truly in full festive swing. This is such a great time of year to take a step back from the chaos (easier said than done, we know) and have a think about what you’re grateful for this year, and this Christmas. To encourage and support you and your class in all your ‘gratitudes’, we’ve come up with ‘The 12 yays of Christmas’, with different songs and themes for you to get stuck into and be inspired by – whether it’s to kick your day off with a joyful assembly song, or end it on a high note and send your class home singing!

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We know you won’t be able to squeeze in all of our suggestions this year but you can add your favourites to playlists to kick January off – we promise they’re not ALL Christmassy! Wondering how to create a playlist? Click here!

Day One: Friends And Family

Our friends and family will probably be top of the gratitude list – and teachers too! Here are a couple of songs about togetherness to get you started:

Together – Songs For EVERY Assembly

Who Is There For Me? – My World: People Who Help Us

Day Two: Generosity

The season of giving is in full swing – let’s be thankful for those who give us their time, care and attention and even perhaps a present or two.

Make A Difference – S!ng A Joyful Assembly

A Little Bit Of Kindness – Songs For EVERY Happy, Healthy School

Rock Around The Shops – Songs For EVERY Christmas

Day Three: Thank You For Each New Day

On the coldest winter morning, or the most beautiful spring sunrise, each day is a unique fresh start – we’ll say ‘thanks’ for that!

Every Brand New day – Songs for EVERY Body

Day Four: Thank You For Mince Pies

Now, who doesn’t want to say ‘thank you’ for those? It is December after all!

The Mince Pie Song – My World: It’s Christmas!

Mince Pies – S!ng Christmas!

Day Five: Yay For Our Community

We’re all unique, yet we all need each other! This is a great opportunity to be grateful for the wider community around us.

Singing A Thankful Song – This is Me!

Day Six: Thank You For The Nativity Story And How Amazing That Is!

Isn’t it amazing that we get together as a school to put on a fun and heartfelt show about the miraculous Christmas story? Even though we do this year on year, it’s still such a magical thing to enjoy together!

Midnight – Songs for EVERY Christmas

We’ll Sing The Story Of Christmas – My World: It’s Christmas!

That First Christmas Day – S!ng Christmas!

Something Special – S!ng Christmas!

Day Seven: What Are You Grateful For?

On this day, we’ve got some fabulous songs of gratitude to encourage your children to think about what they’re particularly grateful for! Why not write a gratitude list as a class? You can even write them down on slips of paper and make gratitude chains for bunting!

Let’s Remember To Be Grateful – Songs for EVERY Body

Thank You God – Songs for EVERY Happy, Healthy School

Day Eight: Thank You For Our School

It’s a busy time of year for teachers, parents, students, reindeer… everyone really! We are SO lucky to have such wonderful schools and teachers who support us! Get your class writing letters to someone in the school to tell them why they’re grateful for them.

This Is Our School – S!ng A Joyful Assembly

We’re So Proud Of Our School – S!ng Together!

Day Nine: Thank You For Smiles

We all know that when we’re having a bit of a rubbish day, it only takes a friend, or even a stranger, to shoot you a cheesy smile and your day gets a little brighter! Thank you to the smilers of the world!

Put On A Smile – Songs for EVERY Happy Healthy School

Give A Little Smile – The Niki Davies Calendar Of Songs

Day Ten: Yay For Christmas Traditions

Many of us will be so grateful for our Christmas traditions. Both the well-established, nativity-performing, carol-concerting sort of traditions and also the more personal family ones – the tree-decorating and festive-film-watching traditions.

It’s A Magical Time! – Songs For EVERY Occasion

Our Christmas Tree – A Cracking Christmas!

Day Eleven: Yay For Singing

It had to make the list, didn’t it?! What an amazing thing that we can all gather together and sing something meaningful, heartfelt, silly, and, at this time of year, Christmassy (although we’ve spotted that some of you are still singing Spring Chicken!).

Just Sing! – Songs For EVERY Singing School

Sing Something Silly! – S!ng Something Silly!

Because It’s Christmas – Songs For EVERY Occasion

Day Twelve: Yay For The Magic Of The Season

It’s day 12, let’s go all out and sing a banger or two to get us through to the end of term!

This Christmas Time – Songs for EVERY Christmas

Christmas Hit – A Cracking Christmas!

Let’s make this Christmas a grateful one – wherever you are and whatever your celebrations look like. Merry Christmas!

Sparkyard users! Looking for more songs of thankfulness? Use the search function in Sparkyard’s ‘All Songs’ page and filter by themes of appreciation and positivity.

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