At Out of the Ark Music we believe that singing can and should be inclusive. With that in mind, we have worked closely with Singing Hands to produce Makaton-signing videos for five of our popular songs.
We asked our friends at Singing Hands, Suzanne Miell-Ingram and Tracy Upton (who were recently awarded with MBEs!), to explain a little bit about what Makaton signing is and why it is useful to use alongside songs:

"Using Makaton with songs transforms singing into a multisensory learning experience, as the signs turn the lyrics into a visual performance, not just an auditory one. It is a hugely enjoyable way to include children who need to use signing for communication as the whole class, year group or school can join in too. Using Makaton with singing is a child-centred way to use and learn language, and makes learning fun."
Hello, Hello
Taken from The Niki Davies Book Of Songs For Autumn & Winter
Wake Up!
Taken from Songs For EVERY Assembly
Can I Help You?
Taken from My World: People Who Help Us
Give A Little Smile
Taken from The Niki Davies Calendar Of Songs
Taken from The Niki Davies Book Of Everyday Songs
With special thanks to our friends at Singing Hands