Top Ten Spring Songs For Children

Newborn lambs, seeds bursting through the soil and bright yellow daffodils that cheerfully sway in the breeze – Springtime is inspiring. So take a look at these seasonal songs for children and sing into spring with our varied collection of spring songs for kids to enjoy, whether in assembly or in the classroom.

1. A Perfect Day in Spring

A Perfect Day In Spring

By Mark and Helen Johnson

Light and breezy, feel-good and carefree, this song seeks to capture the spirit of the season. With some simple two-part singing which brings everyone together. Age 5+

Taken from Spring Assembly Songs.

2. A Spring Thing

A Spring Thing

By Matthew Crossey

A song about the wonders of spring Sing a spring song, for a sing-song… with three part-singing! Age 5+

Taken from A Spring Thing.

3. New Life!

New Life!

By Mary Green and Julie Stanley

Perfect for younger voices, everywhere around you is new life from lambs gambolling to bunnies hopping! Add new verses and percussion to extend this song further! Age 3+

Taken from My World: Easter.

4. Spring Is In The Air

Spring Is In The Air

Hannah Rhodes

Suitable for the whole spring season, the slow verses are contrasted brilliantly by a very lively chorus full of the joys of spring. Includes optional harmony in the last chorus. Age 6+

Taken from Sing™ Easter.

5. Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring!

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring!

By Mark and Helen Johnson

An energetic introduction to the new season. Singable and catchy – Life is waking up! (A signing video is available with the purchase of a Words on Screen™ product). Age 5+

Taken from Spring Assembly Songs.

6. Spring Sprang!

Spring Sprang!

By Mark and Helen Johnson

This colourful song is full of rhythm and rhyme. A simple introduction to group singing. Age 5+

Taken from Songs For Every Growing School.

7. Now Spring Is Here

Now Spring Is Here

By Mark and Helen Johnson

A wonderful reminder about all the wonderful things to appreciate about spring. Age 5+

Taken from Songs For Every Easter.

8. Bouncy, Bouncy, Bounce!

Bouncy, Bouncy, Bounce!

By Gaynor Boddy and Rebecca Kincaid

As the season changes into springtime you won’t be able to stop bouncing with a spring in my step, everything is coming to life. Age 3+

Taken from Hats Off!.

9. Hay Fever

Hay Fever

By Paul Field

This fun song is all about when the flowers come out and how it is great for the birds and bees, but not so great for all those hay fever sufferers! Age 5+

Taken from A Spring Thing.

10. It Must Be Spring

It Must Be Spring

By Niki Davies

A simple song for younger voices describing the hundreds of flowers, birds and lambs. Age 3+

Taken from The Niki Davies Book Of Songs For Spring And Summer.