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The National Plan for Music Education: Sparkyard’s got you covered!
There’s a lot to digest in the NPME, but whether you are an experienced musician, are soon taking on a music lead role, or you just need a little more support, Sparkyard has everything you need to ensure that singing truly is a golden thread that runs through every part of your school’s life and culture.
Sparkyard Reviews
We’re SO excited about the launch of Sparkyard (you can read more about what Sparkyard is here), but who better to tell you about its amazing benefits than other teachers, headteachers and music leads? Our beta programme ran for several months and here’s what the participants had to say after using Sparkyard in their schools.
The Story Of Sparkyard
Sparkyard, our brand-new subscription service, is on its way! While we work on the last few bits before release in early 2022 (read on to learn how you can get early access!), we thought we’d tell you a little bit about how Sparkyard came to be – the ‘why’ behind Sparkyard. We know that Sparkyard is positively going to impact schools, teachers and children all around the UK – let us show you how!