The Ten Best Musicals And Shows For Younger Voices

It's important when creating songs and scripts for younger children, that they are age appropriate, and at Out of the Ark Music our 30 years of experience means that when you purchase one of our musicals, you'll be getting just that - scripts that are simple to perform and songs that are pitched perfectly to younger voices. Here are our top ten musicals for younger voices, but you can find more here.

1. Hat's Off!

Hat's Off!

By Gaynor Boddy and Rebecca Kincaid

This fun and educational musical will take you on a tour through the changing seasons, as Apple the pony tries to find a gat suitable for the appropriate weather. Includes 7 songs. For ages 3-7.

2. The Bee Musical

The Bee Musical

By Niki Davies and Emma Davies

Grumble Bee wants to do something special with her life and doesn't see the point of finding nectar and collecting pollen all day long. A perfect opportunity to learn about the importance of bees. Includes 8 songs. Check out our Bee-resources page, full of videos and information about bees! For ages 5-9.

3. Croak!


By Sarah Baker

Explore the life cycle of a frog in this enchanting script. Includes 5 catchy songs and 3 instrumental tracks. For ages 3-7.


4. Eddie The Penguin

Eddie The Penguin Saves The World

By Niki Davies

The perfect play to help understand all about the environment, from songs about saving water and trees to turning off the tap – lots to learn and sing about in this fabulous story about Eddie the Penguin. 9 songs and a fun script. For ages 4-8.

5. There's A Sunflower In My Supper!

There's A Sunflower In My Supper!

By Gaynor Boddy and Rebecca Kincaid

Daisy the cow has a dream to grow a glorious garden but everyone else wants to grow grass for their supper – an enchanting way to learn about what seeds need to grow. Includes teaching tips and 7 songs. For ages 3-7.

6. The Litter Muncher

The Litter Muncher

By Niki Davies

With 7 lovely songs to help teach about litter, recycling and looking after your environment. For ages 3-7.


7. Snowman At Sunset

Snowman At Sunset

By Niki Davies

This winter musical for younger children is all about making snowmen but what happens when there isn’t enough snow? Includes 7 simple songs. For ages 3-6.

8. The Enormous Turnip

The Enormous Turnip

By Niki Davies

This traditional tale with accompanying CD tells the story of the old man – with lots of help – trying to pull up an enormous turnip! With 3 songs, script and a brilliantly narrated story that can be used to reinforce teamwork. For ages 3-6.

9. The Three Little Pigs

The Three Little Pigs

By Leading Children's Writers

For use both in the classroom and assemblies, this lovely retelling of the traditional tale with 4 new songs and narrated story will engage and enthral younger children. For ages 3-6.

10. Goldilocks And The Three Bears

Goldilocks And The Three Bears

By Niki Davies

This delightful combination of song and story helps to bring this traditional story alive. With 4 fresh songs and narrated story on the CD, this mini-musical with come alive. For ages 3-6.


11. Class Assembly: Literacy

Class Assembly: Literacy

By Mary Green & Julie Stanley

Our Class Assembly Series provides mini-musicals to perform in assembly or in the classroom. This resource help link and reinforce literacy learning. Cross-curricular ideas, 4 catchy and easy to learn songs and a fabulous script. For ages 5-7.