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Top 10 Assembly Bangers By Out Of The Ark Picked By James B Partridge
James’ usual top 10 videos include songs from lots of amazing writers, new and old, but he was kind enough to select his ‘Top 10 Assembly Bangers by Out of the Ark’ for us and we’re super excited to share them with you. If you’re looking for a little inspiration for new songs to explore, why not check them out.
A Perfect Day In Spring
A Perfect Day In Spring, from Songs For EVERY Spring Assembly, celebrates the fresh beauty of springtime and is great fun to sing! This cheerful song encourages a multi-sensory appreciation of the natural world and energizes the senses. The feel-good factor of this song goes beyond the joyful lyrics and bright melody. Singing A Perfect Day In Spring also creates a great opportunity for practising mindfulness and gratitude by taking time to notice and appreciate nature.
A Spotlight On: The Assemblies From Songs For EVERY Spring Assembly
Mid-morning break at last. Time to get your bearings… Healthy snack? – Check! Packed lunch in the fridge? – Check! 10,000 steps? – Nearly done already! Tomorrow’s assembly plan?… Oh no! There's no need to panic! The good news is with 15 ready-to-go assembly plans in our new Songs For EVERY Spring Assembly package, we have got you covered!
Celebrate Songbirds For World Wildlife Day
Birdsong is the sound of springtime, ringing out into the clear air to herald a day full of growth and (hopefully) sunshine! To mark World Wildlife Day, we suggest having a singalong to Songbird, a new number from our brand-new Songs For EVERY Spring Assembly with a cheerful melody that children will love to sing. Inspired by the song of a blackbird, the verses explore the answer to the question ‘What could the message be to his song?’
6 Top Primary School ideas For Learning About Insects
What a beautiful world we live in and what amazing creatures we share it with! Although the fauna of a region includes the birds, fish and mammals that live there, for the purposes of this blog, we’re going to start small and enter… Bug World! There is no shortage of interesting specimens to investigate – so grab a magnifying glass and a transparent receptacle if you have them; if not, a keen pair of eyes and a big dollop of curiosity will do! OK, let’s get going…
6 Songs And Activities About Bugs
We’re simply buggin’ out over the official start of spring on Wednesday 20th March 2019. Just like an insect with six legs, we’ve selected six songs about bugs to get you buzzing for spring. This selection of songs is particularly great for Early Years, with catchy and easy-to-learn tracks specifically designed for younger voices. We’ve also created a few classroom resources for you to utilise as you and your students venture into the world of creepy crawlies!
Top 5 Easter Songs
It’s that time of year again when one moment you’re filling your tummy with some lovely pancakes on Tuesday; making a promise to give up something for Lent on Wednesday; and, before you know it, it’s Good Friday and Easter Sunday! This daily countdown can only mean one thing – Easter is coming, and you need to get your school assembly or church concert good to go! For this week’s blog, we’re keeping it short and sweet - just like a packet of mini eggs – and we’re sharing our 5 favourite Easter songs from our 5 favourite Easter songbooks. Read carefully as there are also some fun craft and dance activities to compliment these crackin’ tunes!
Top 10 Children's Songs for Easter
We would like to share our top 10 Easter songs with you AND inspire you to get crafty with some fun Easter activities for kids!
Spring Chicken
Boiled, scrambled, poached, pickled, fried, or best of all (at least in my opinion) covered in hollandaise sauce, we certainly enjoy our eggs. In the UK alone we eat 34 million of them each day, and our love of these oval, shelled wonders has helped make the humble chicken one of the most populous land animals on planet Earth.