Top Tens For Christmas


Christmas is a magical time full of festive traditions which include enjoying a good sing, whether that is singing Christmas Carols or Christmas songs in assemblies, church services and concerts.

Here are a few of our top, most loved Christmas songs:

  1. Midnight from Songs For Every Christmas by Mark & Helen Johnson

    A perfect song for any Christmas event which talks about the Christmas Story but with an added swing! Ages 5+


  2. It's A Magical Time from Songs For Every Occasion by Mark & Helen Johnson

    This joyful Christmas song conjures up wonderful ‘pictures of every December’. Ages 5+

  3. Christmas Has Started from Songs For Every Christmas by Mark & Helen Johnson

    A great opening song for any Christmas celebration. This rocky number coveys all the excitement of traditional Christmas festivities. Ages 5+


  4. Child In A Manger Born from A Cracking Christmas by Mark & Helen Johnson

    Out of the Ark Music does Away In A Manger in this soulful, contemplative song with opportunities for solos. Get the tissues at the ready! Ages 5+

  5. Christmas Calypso from Songs For Every Christmas by Mark & Helen Johnson

    An almost word-for-word descriptive biblical narrative, but given a contemporary musical lilt which is easy to learn. Ages 7+


  6. O Come All Ye Faithful from ESSENTIAL Christmas Carols - Traditional

    This much-loved Christmas carol is a firm favourite for any Christmas celebration. Ages 5+

  7. Holly And Mistletoe from A Cracking Christmas! by Mark & Helen Johnson

    A song to bring a tear to your eye at any Christmas concert. “Christmas time is the season to celebrate... Christmas time is a wonderful reason to sing”. Includes a round and opportunities for part-singing too. Ages 5+


  8. Where Shall We Go This Christmas? from Sing™ Christmas by Mary Green & Julie Stanley

    Celebrate the sound of Christmas in different countries with this song full of flavours from the around the world. Includes harmonies and opportunities for dancing too! Ages 7+

  9. Christmas Conga from My World: It's Christmas! by Mary Green & Julie Stanley

    A fabulous simple song for creating a big conga around the room. Why not add in some extra verses too? Ages 3+


  10. Mince Pies from Sing™ Christmas by Niki Davies

    A mince pie recipe set to a great catchy tune – a cumulative song with 4 simple parts. Ages 5+


Performing an Out of the Ark Christmas musical or nativity in primary schools during December has become a bit of a tradition. The re-telling of the Christmas story using our “off the shelf” nativity scripts and songs are easy to stage and perfectly pitched for children to perform.

With over 50 nativities and Christmas plays for you to discover. We’ve got something to suit every requirement. Here are the top 10 favourite nativities for schools:

  1. Lights, Camel, Action! by Antony Copus - Ages 5-9/11

    This glittery nativity includes a full cast of the nativity personalities brought together to celebrate the birth of Jesus with a dazzling dance show. ‘How’ to videos included.


  2. Everyone Loves A Baby! by Mark & Helen Johnson, Script by Sue Langwade - Ages 3-7

    In this nativity for younger children, the traditional Christmas story unfolds, but from the perspective of a child – will they love the baby in the end?


  3. The Inn-spectors by Nikki Lewis - Ages 4-9

    The Inn-spectors are in town and some visitors have been put in the stable with a baby born amongst the hay! Will the inn still get a 5 star review?


  4. A Miracle In Town by Niki Davies - Ages 3-6

    This simple nativity takes you to Bethlehem to where the donkey, innkeeper, angels and a whole host of other nativity characters meet the newborn baby!


  5. A King Is Born by Gaynor Boddy & Rebecca Kincaid - Ages3-6

    A delightful cosy nativity! On Christmas Eve, whilst snuggling by the fire and listening to their mother reading to them, the children discover the miraculous Christmas story.


  6. I'm Gonna Shine! by Naomi Johnson, Script by Sue Langwade - Ages 5-9

    A fresh contemporary sound and a total show-stopper! Journey alongside a chorus of characters making their way to Bethlehem.


  7. Whoops-A-Daisy Angel by Niki Davies - Ages 3-6

    An endearing story of a disorganised but lovable angel who is chosen to show the way to Bethlehem.


  8. Bethlehem The Musical by Mark & Helen Johnson, Script by Sue Langwade - Ages 7-11

    This all singing and dancing production weaves the extraordinary story of the birth of Jesus into the ordinary lives of the people of Bethlehem.


  9. The Nativity by Niki Davies - Ages 3-6

    With a simple script and 8 catchy songs this nativity is the straightforward telling of the Christmas story.


  10. It's A Baby! by Mark & Helen Johnson - Ages 3-7

    A traditional nativity told from the perspective of a very weary Innkeeper.



Christmas plays are a fantastic alternative to the traditional nativity. Here we have a selection of traditional Christmas stories from around the world including a Pantomime!

  1. Children Of The World by Mary Green & Julie Stanley - Ages 5-9

    Travel To China, Malawi, Poland, Australia and Ireland to discover different festive customs around the world.


  2. Silent Night by Mary Green & Julie Stanley - Ages 5-11

    Discover how a poem became the much loved carol Silent Night.


  3. Bah Humbug! by Sue & Paul Langwade - Ages 5-11

    A brand new adaptation of Charles Dickens' story A Christmas Carol.


  4. Cinderella & Rockerfella by Mark & Helen Johnson, Script by Sue Langwade - Ages 8-11

    This wonderful panto is full of laughs, fabulous songs and plenty of opportunity for audience participation.


  5. Ralph The Reindeer by Niki Davies - Ages 4-7

    Rudolph has a cold so who will pull Santa's sleigh? Ralph ensures all the Christmas Eve preparations come off without a hitch!