Early Years Nativities

Christmas Nativity Plays for Early Years

Browse our collection of great Christmas nativity plays for early years. These musicals have been written especially for younger children, making the content suited to those aged 3-6.
Our nativity musicals for early years include simple scripts and easy to learn catchy songs.  Many titles are also now available in Words on Screen™ format, to make learning and teaching the songs even easier.
All of our nativity plays for young children capture the magic of this special time of year - the true message of Christmas is at the heart of every production. With a wide variety of musicals to choose from, you won’t be disappointed. Although every musical reflects the spirit of Christmas, each is unique and has its own special storyline designed to resonate with early years pupils. Whether pupils perform to the rest of the school, to parents or as part of a lesson in the classroom, the experience is sure to be truly amazing for them.
Ideal for nursery, pre-school and EYFS children, there is something for everyone in this collection - each title is a wonderful way to end the term before the Christmas break!

Perfect for kindergarten / reception / KS1 / P1-3 nativities, or PK-1 Christmas pageants.