If you need some help figuring out which nativity is right for you, check out our Nativity Finder page.

Detailed information on how to split each featured nativity for different bubble sizes can be found on the 'More Information' tab for each product.

Bubble-Friendly Nativities

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There are so many ways to give the children the wonderful experience of putting on a nativity with just a few little pandemic-friendly tweaks. If you are working with different bubbles, this need be no barrier to putting on one nativity between them. For two bubbles, there are various nativities out there that split perfectly into a contemporary set of characters and a traditional set of nativity characters, so the scenes could be filmed separately and pieced together easily on a readily available platform such as iMovie. Perfect if there is no way of having a live audience this year. We have put together an easy-to-use Nativity Finder to help you locate the perfect nativity for your specific circumstances this year.