Infant School Nativities & Christmas Plays

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Infant Nativity

Including popular titles such as; Baubles!, Shine Star, Shine and Born in a Barn this amazing collection of infant nativity and Christmas plays will really get the kids into the festive spirit.

We have songbooks in this collection suitable for a range of ages from 3-11. There really is something to suit everyone in this collection of magical infant nativity and Christmas plays.

All our songbooks and plays are written by leading children’s songwriters. The engaging storylines will have audiences enthralled by the action and emotion in each and every play.

That’s not all! The children who perform these plays, whether it’s in the classroom, at church, in the school hall or at drama club, love being involved in such fun and creative projects. Make this festive period an extra special one and give the gift of drama and song to the children at your school.